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How to Use Lighting in Your Apartment Decor

May 26th, 2017


You can find plenty to tell you that your apartment decor depends on your color palette. Or texture. Or accessories. Or your room arrangement. But the truth is that no matter how well you execute everything else, you won’t have a room where you want to spend time without well designed lighting. Use these tips to get started:

Be conscious of lighting categories:

Interior lighting falls into one (or more) of three categories: ambient, task, or accent. Your ceiling mounted fixtures are responsible for the ambient light illuminating each room. Task light is what you have on your desk, sewing table, nightstand, kitchen work area…you get the idea. Accent light draws your attention to decorative features. Include all three types of lighting in your apartment decor, and distribute it throughout the entire three-dimensional space.

Double the impact with reflection:

If you want to make a small room look larger (and what apartment dweller doesn’t?), reflection is a valuable apartment decor tool. Apartments often have windows on only one side of a room, but you can reflect natural light from a blank wall by hanging a mirror. High-sheen objects and surfaces keep light moving around a room, adding brightness in decorative displays or furniture outlines.

Banish hidden spaces:

The shadows that lurk under overhanging shelves and cabinets visually shrink a room. You can make the room seem larger, and workspaces more expansive, by including inexpensive adhesive LED strip lighting to your apartment decor. They serve as both task and accent lighting when used in work spaces such as under kitchen cabinets, where they brighten the countertop, and under shelves overhanging a desk or table. Or add light inside shelving units to elevate shelving displays.

Use the right light bulb:

Today’s choices in light bulbs let you customize the quality and intensity of light.  Learn about types of bulbs, brightness, and color here, but be sure to also look at in-store displays to see the differences for yourself. Your choice of bulb makes all the difference in your apartment decor. Whatever you choose, be consistent, and that goes for lampshades as well as bulbs—make sure you aren’t mixing warm and cool tones.

Use accent light to create features:

Just because you might not own museum-quality art doesn’t mean you have nothing to highlight in your apartment decor. A framed poster or piece of child’s art becomes a gallery piece when you add a clip-on picture light.  You might not have recessed lights you can point at a decorative feature, but a directed uplight will do the same thing from its place on the floor behind your favorite chair.

When your rooms are well lit, your apartment decor is sure to make you glad to be at home.


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