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Use Every Inch of Your Apartment Closet Space with These Tips

May 18th, 2017


Is your closet getting sloppy and flabby? It ought to be the power lifter in your apartment organization scheme, so whip it into shape with these tips:

Do a cleanse:

It’s hard to see the muscle when flab is in the way. Give yourself a fighting chance to succeed with your apartment organization goal by purging your closet of the excess that builds up over time. To get it even leaner, ship out anything you don’t use consistently to outside storage. It’s easy to keep things clean, and stay lean, when your access to the things you really need all the time isn’t hidden under layers of things you don’t.

Test capacity:

Your closet is almost certain to have untapped potential, storage capacity going to waste. Stand back and identify empty space—above the closet shelf, below half-length hanging clothes, in corners. These are the places you can add capacity to your overall apartment organization without affecting anything else.

Repurpose your gear:

As in an urban workout that puts objects to use in whatever capacity suits the need, ordinary apartment organization tools can be put to work in the closet in new ways. Just because the name is “shoe organizer” doesn’t limit you to storing shoes in it. Organize rolled sweaters, sorted socks and underwear, scarves, or workout wear. The dowels of a tie rack are also perfect for strappy camisoles and bras, or necklaces and belts. File racks store wallets and clutches upright and easy to see, and other desk organizers are great for smaller jewelry, buttons, coins, and other small items.

Straighten the posture:

Slumping and sagging takes up a lot more space than straight lines. Good posture is good for apartment organization. Straight stacks and even hangers will enable your closet to hold more. Rather than watching sweaters and folded pants collapse into a pile, use shelf dividers to keep the stacks in line. Replace jumbled, odd-sized boxes with stackable containers that stay where you put them.

Make the walls do the work:

Utilizing vertical space wisely is essential to apartment organization. Use stacked containers or constructions to fill upper space to the ceiling. Add racks, rails, and hooks to the closet’s interior walls, and make sure you take advantage of the backs of any swinging closet doors with shoe or pantry racks. If necessary, spread outside the closet with bookshelf units or modular pieces combined with rails or hooks. You can turn storage into a bedroom display with styled shelves and beautiful containers.

No matter how out of shape your closet may be, you can turn things around and make it the strongest contributor to your apartment organization.


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