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How to Make Living With Roommates Easier

July 28th, 2017


Does the mere thought of living with roommates make you break into a cold sweat? Hopefully not, because that sounds awful. Still, even reasonable apprehension about sharing an apartment with others is tough to deal with.

It’s a fear that is rooted in at least some truth but that can be alleviated with several key steps. With the right attitude, preparation and work, you can make living with roommates easier — and, in fact, really enjoyable.

Know What You’re Getting Into

At least half the battle is fought BEFORE moving day, when you actually figure out who you’re going to live with. Having prudent goals and asking the right questions will improve your odds of landing one or more high-quality cohabitators.

After securing roommates, getting to know them as much as possible before moving in is a great way to set the groundwork for respect, congeniality and fun.

Find Rules That Fit the Group

Determining house rules might not be as easy as it sounds — especially considering each person’s unique background and lifestyle — but it’s undoubtedly essential. It’s upfront compromise that everyone enters into in the interest of peace and order.

Styles of cooking, cleaning, temperature, noise control, and much more always vary. These differences fall into place in an orderly fashion If clear guidelines have been set.

Honor the Golden Rule

The Gold Rule may seem cliché, but it works even today. You don’t want to be gossiped about among the other roommates? Don’t gossip yourself. You’re tired of dirty dishes lying around the house? Well, what about your dirty clothes lying around the house?

Every situation is unique, but in general, treating others the way you want to be treated usually pays off with reciprocation at some time down the road.

Be Careful About Personal Space

Personal space is nothing to trifle with, especially in the sometimes tense world of roommate life. Many people consider their personal space the most important right in their life. Taking away that right by invading his or her space will be difficult for that person to forget.

Talk About Your Frustrations

Has frustration got you down? You may have been told to bottle it up — smothering it with sarcasm and passive aggressive tendencies — but that’s not the answer. Open communication helps roommates address their disagreements quickly, leaving more time for things like pool parties, barbecues, snow skiing and binge-watching TV.

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