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How to Distinguish Between Essential Kitchen Tools and Kitchen Clutter Culprits

June 15th, 2017


When a kitchen doesn’t look good or function well, the whole home suffers. In an apartment home, the stakes are even higher.

Setting up a sleek, user-friendly kitchen that functions well and pleases the eye takes some doing, but it’s worth the effort. Here are some tips for reducing clutter in apartment kitchens:

Are You Organizing More Than is Necessary?

Being organized is a great trait, but sometimes it goes too far. These days the wide array of supposedly space-saving products on the market is dizzying. As a result, many apartment kitchens end up cluttered with the very tools that were supposed to keep them uncluttered.

If you’re concerned about the amount of organizers and space savers in your kitchen, take a good, hard look at what you have. Make two lists: one of must-have kitchen organizers and another of expendable, redundant items. Once done, get rid of everything in the latter group.

On the Countertop, Choose Order Over Convenience

The kitchen counter is the fast-food drive-through window of residential life. When the day devolves and you become exhausted, “fast and easy” often supersedes “orderly.” While you KNOW everything has its place, the counter often seems like the most convenient option for leaving car keys, shopping bags, mail and much more.

Lots of people let their kitchen counters run wild, but it doesn’t have to be that way — especially if you recognize the challenges. Make sure everyone in the household knows where everything is supposed to go, then hold each other accountable on a daily basis. Also, when choosing apartment kitchen appliances, make sure they balance quality, multi-functionality and size.

Clean Just a Little — But Often

When your kitchen begins to look like a dish soap commercial, something has gone terribly wrong. Pots and pans everywhere. Discarded packaging strewn about. Dishes piled high above the sink, teetering precariously.

Cleaning a kitchen that is overwhelmingly messy is daunting. So, rather than huge cleaning efforts once in awhile, a much better approach is to develop a kitchen maintenance routine of quick, easy and frequent clean-up duties.

Find Your Own Best Practice

The sheer quantity of ideas for kitchen organization on Pinterest and elsewhere is dizzying. There are so many unique ways to keep apartment kitchens organized — each with pros and cons, depending on your particular lifestyle.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the possibilities, strive to assemble a unique plan of tactics and tools that works well for you. A clutter-free kitchen is a beautiful thing.

Finding the Right Apartment Kitchen for You

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