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Apartment Cleaning Guide: Don’t Forget to Clean These 3 Places

July 20th, 2017


The more obvious the apartment cleaning need, the more attention it gets. But there are reasons to pay just as much attention to the hidden spots as you do to the ones right in front of you. Here are three:

Dust doesn’t discriminate:

Dusting smooth surfaces is easy, and it would be lovely if that’s the only place dust and grime settled. But the particles of our lives also land just as freely on your upholstery and curtains, and the texture of fabric grabs and holds whatever touches it. Add some work with your vacuum’s upholstery tool to your apartment cleaning regimen. Vacuum your furniture, curtains, and blinds when you vacuum your carpet, and from time to time launder any washable fabrics (slipcovers, removable pillow covers, washable curtains, duvet covers, and so on). If you have allergies or pets (or both), this will make a big difference in how comfortable you are at home.

Food gets funky:

Are you getting that whiff of rotten something when you open the dishwasher? It’s easy to blame the plates, but smells like that indicate something that’s been around a lot longer. Your dishwasher has a filter, and if that’s news to you it’s probably overdue for a cleaning. If you’re looking for it, it shouldn’t be hard to find. Remove it, wash it with a dish brush in the sink, and then run a cycle or two with machine cleaner. If you don’t see it where you normally buy cleaning supplies, ask in the appliance section of a home improvement store. You don’t need to do it often, but it’s a five-minute apartment cleaning chore that will make your whole kitchen much fresher.

Mold loves moisture:

Can you think of a place that’s dark, and damp, and mostly closed? Meet your washing machine. If your clothes don’t smell as fresh as you’d like, perhaps it’s time to clean it. When you live in an apartment with your own laundry, the good news is that you can clean it whenever you want and assure yourself that your clothes are always fresh. On your list of apartment cleaning chores, it’s going to be one of the easiest ones—the washing machine does most of the work. Use these instructions from DIY Network.

If you keep your eye on these three apartment cleaning problem areas, your home is bound to feel fresher, cleaner, and more welcoming at the end of the day.


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