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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Apartment Stop You from Entertaining

May 11th, 2017


Apartment living is easy and efficient, but it can be hard to picture your comfortable nest as the ideal place to entertain. Don’t give up, though. If you enjoy gathering your friends and family in your home, here are four reasons why your apartment can be the ideal place to bring people together:

You can cook ahead of time:

The kitchen that’s perfect for apartment living can be a crowded, difficult space if you’re trying to cook and entertain at once. Plan your menu so that you can cook ahead of time and serve away from the kitchen. With simple dishes prepared ahead, you can relax with your guests so that they feel comfortable and relaxed with you.

You have more room than you think:

There’s a big difference between apartment living and apartment entertaining. Your cozy home is probably cluttered with objects and furniture that aren’t essential to entertaining. Clear your surfaces and put away any furniture that’s purely decorative in a bedroom. Rearrange furniture as necessary to accommodate traffic flow, such as by pushing a dining table against the wall if you won’t be sitting down to a meal there. You’ll be surprised at how much more room you have.

You can even decorate:

Special occasion decor can take up a lot of space on surfaces and even on the floor, such as with Christmas trees. Look up, instead, for surfaces to decorate. Put party decor along the tops of bookshelves, swag garlands or bunting around windows, collect a bouquet of balloons against the ceiling. Use themed place settings at the table, or sprinkle candles and bud vases down the center rather than featuring a bulky flower arrangement. And for the ultimate special-occasion sparkle, look for places to use light strings. This gallery of ideas will help you get started.

Your apartment offers more than an apartment:

One of the greatest benefits of apartment living is your access to amenities. Your home might be inside your four walls, but the options are there when you need something larger. Throw together a cookout on the barbecues. Gather at the pool for a swim party. Host game night in the theater room. For a group too large for your apartment, there’s the clubhouse great room.

Apartment living offers the best of both worlds: a comfortable home for yourself and a great place to entertain.


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